Services we provide

Analysis & Reporting

ATGC informatics offers a range of bioinformatics analysis services which can be customized as required to aid researchers in the interpretation of their data. We understand and acknowledge the problem, and based on that we aim to provide full reporting documentation with analytics.

Bioinformatics data analysis & reporting services:

1. Gene expression analysis
2. Biological pathway analysis
3. Next generation sequence analysis
4. Comparative genomics analysis
5. Epigenomics and metabolomics

Assembly & Annotation

At ATGC informatics, we help improving assembly of NGS data based on the methods and pipelines we have adopted. We use variety of open source software tools and pipelines for assembly and annotation. With the expertise in several NGS technologies, we provide cutting edge analysis on data from any platform.

We aim to deliver best results by providing services:

1. Genome de novo assembly
2. Transcriptome de novo assembly
3. Mapping to reference genome
4. Small RNA mapping
5. Genome annotation
6. Transcriptome annotation

Efficiency & Improvements

There are many bioinformatics tools and methods available for genetic analysis. Our role is to understand real world problem with traditional tools and focus on applying new advances and improvements to work efficiently.

We study the problems faced by our clients and based on requirements we propose different ways to solve those problems with ease of access.

Bioinformatics Consulting

Our team of Bioinformatics consultants are always ready to help you speed up your process of getting good quality results.

We can assist you with

1. Developing or customizing bioinformatics products to achieve better results
2. Designing and implementing bioinformatics pipelines based on your needs
3. Providing step by step data analysis
4. Finding bioinformatics resources to support your start ups

We work in correlation with you to help and provide guidance in each step of process. Our experts in the specialized areas like NGS Data analysis, Pipeline development and customization, Statistical analysis, User Interface design and development are always ready to take on challenging projects to grow our clients better and faster.
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